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Pigne d'Arolla

The Pigne d’Arolla is the highest drop-off point around Verbier, with its 3,796 metres of altitude.

It is the favourite drop for heli-ski purists and snowboarders who love this area mainly because most of the runs have a steady steepness and because they all take down to the Arolla heliport, making several heli-flights a day possible. 
This is also why the Arolla area is often known as Switzerland’s "Little Canada”.  

If you start from Verbier, flying at first to Pigne d’Arolla and combining a second drop-off to the Rosablanche is a great option, which allows you to return by ski to the 4 Vallées resort.

Along the classic itinerary you will reach the Refuge des Vignettes and you will keep going onto the Pièces Glacier. 
The descent along the Tsijiore Nouve offers you a majestic view on this prestine alpine environment. 

Pigne d’Arolla northern slopes overlook the Val d’Hérens and the village of Arolla; the southern descent gently takes you down to the Val de Bagnes via the Brenay Glacier, while the north-eastern slopes lead into the famous Grande Dixence Lake. 

Skinning options via the Col de l’Evêque and the Col des Ignes are perfect for those who would like to ski tour as well. 

Departure Arolla Departure Le Châble
4 persons € 335,00 per person € 515,00 per person
3 persons € 390,00 per person € 580,00 per person
2 persons € 580,00 per person € 870,00 per person
1 person € 1160,00 per person
€ 1740,00 per person

The price includes:
  • one helicopter flight;
  • the day of the mountain guide;
  • safety equipment (airbag backpack, beeper, shovel and probe).