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Terms and conditions

The registration, which is made through our registration form on www.espritheliski.com, is used to make a contract agreement of the travel package between Esprit Heliski SA (called below as EH) and the participants. The contract agreement is reached with the acceptance of the reservation by EH, who verifies the availability of the mountain guides..., and the payment requested by the customer (s). Every person registered in the form accepts the EH Terms and Conditions.
EH commits to make a reservation for the UIAGM's mountain guide for the group.

Each group can be composed of maximum 4 people.

The price includes: guide days and EH service.

The price does not include: all of the other services such as: helicopter, taxes, hotel etc ...
Helicopter flights will be paid directly to the base of the helicopter company in the area.

Payment method
   payment must be made by bank transfer;
   25% of the total amount is required as a deposit to confirm your registration; if you prefer to pay by credit card we will be forced to add 3.5% to the amount to compensate for bank charges that have increased significantly;
   the balance must be paid 90 days before arrival, by bank transfer;
   one invoice for the entire group will be sent to you upon receipt of payment.

In order to quickly respond to the requests for booking and to organize the groups, we need to receive your registration forms and payment promptly. We will not be able to maintain your registration without these elements.

If you cancel your reservation less than 90 days before your departure, you will not be refunded. We advise you to take a cancellation insurance.

Bad weather
In case of bad weather, our mountain guides will suggest you to go ski in one of the nearest ski resorts: Courmayeur, Pila, La Thuile ...

He/she can also offer you other activities such as:
    introduction to the icefall;
    introduction to the use of mountain equipment, how to do knots, binding, first aid techniques, etc.

Photos and videos
I agree to appear on photos or videos taken during a heli trip and I authorize "Esprit Heliski" to operate and use them.

EH advises a cancellation and repatriation insurance as well as another insurance that guarantees you in case of research and rescue in case of accident during your experience in the mountains (approximately 10000 euros of guarantee). Without insurance/s, in case of a rescue operation, you will have to take care of all the costs for the rescue and the repatriation.

Liability Release on the part of the client
I realise that the activities offered, including skiing, snowboarding and travel to, from and within the locations provided by Heliski Valgrisenche/Esprit Heliski, SA (hereinafter known as EH) inherently involve risks which may result in property damage or loss, serious or fatal injury. I acknowledge that rocks, cliffs, cornices, avalanches, changing snow conditions or mechanical failure are an ever present hazard when heli-skiing. I hereby assume all risks and release all persons, entities or contractors connected with EH from all liability for any injuries or damages and from any claim by me, my family, estate, agents, heirs or assigns arising in any way from my participation in all, and any activities connected with EH.

I will have to inform EH about all the medical problems that I have as well as those of the participants I am registering.

The mountain guide will ask you to fill the form below to know the person to contact in case of accident and to let him/her know your state of health.
Health and accident questionnaire
  • Have you had a hospitalization or injury in the year YES / NO if yes why
  • Do you have allergies YES / NO if yes, name it
  • Do you have any medications YES / NO if yes, name it
  • Do you have an illness YES / NO if yes, name it
  • Your Blood Group in case of an accident:
  • Person to contact in case of accident:
      • Name
      • Address
      • Phone

I will respect the safety rules given by EH, by the EH mountain guides and by the helicopter pilot and his company.
I declare that I accept the risks of the mountain and the practice of heliskiing and release all persons, entities or contractors related to EH from all responsibilities and claims for injury or damages, by me, my family, property, agents, heirs or assigns arising in any way from my participation in all activities related to EH.

The court of jurisdiction is located in CH-1920 Martigny, Switzerland.
The relationship between you and EH are exclusively governed by Swiss law. EH can only be assigned to headquarters CH-1920 Martigny.

Before submitting a dispute to a tribunal, we suggest you to contact the ombudsman indipendent travel sector. The ombudsman will try to find a fair solution to solve any dispute that could take place between yourself and EH or the travel agent with who you have placed the reservation.

Ombudsman's address

Ombudsman for the Swiss branch of the travel agencies Case postale - 8800 Thalwil.