Esprit Heliski
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Heliski Valgrisenche - classic powder

Here you will find the prices of our classical packages. These packages include the assistance of one mountain guide of our team and can be composed of up to 4 people.


Short on time or maybe it is your first time Heliskiing? - 3 days with one of our experienced UIAGM guides is perfect!

The price includes:
  • 8 flights (about 11.000/13.000 vertical meters);
  • 3 flights to return to the helibase;
  • italian taxes on luxury flights;
  • 3 days with one of our multi-lingual UIAGM mountain guide.



While savoring our Italian alpine hospitality, we help you make the most of our long daily flight hours.

The package includes:
  • 10 flights (about 12.000/15.000 vertical meters);
  • 4 flights to come back at the helibase;
  • italian taxes on luxury flights ;
  • 4 days with one of our multi-lingual UIAGM mountain guide who will leave your legs tired and a smile on your face.



This package allows you to truly discover our amazing terrain to the maximum. Blessed with glaciers, open fields and tree skiing, not to mention the possibility of descent into Val d’Isere or St. Foy.
The 6 days package includes:
  • 12 flights (about 15.000/18.000 vertical meter);
  • 6 flights to come back at the helibase will leave you challenged, relaxed, and "skied out”!
  • italian taxes on luxury flights;
  • 6 days with one of our multi-lingual UIAGM mountain guide.



If the group doesn't do all the runs or the return flights back included in the package, we refund you.

If a person stops skiing due to injury or fatigue, they will not be entitled to any refund.

A typical day of Heliskiing in Valgrisenche

The arrival at the hotel is suggested the day before in order to check in and soak up the Italian atmosphere.
If you arrive around 6 pm you will be able to meet us, so that we can give you more information about the organisation and the itineraries we propose.
On the first day, after a good breakfast, your mountain guide will provide you with instructions on safety equipment: how to use your ARTVA and ABS airbag.

Depending on weather and temperature conditions, we will decide at what time the first groups will be flying and we will tell it to you day by day in the evening.

The landing area of the helicopter is in Bonne, about a few meters away from the hotel Perret or in Planaval, about a few meters away from the hotel Paramont. If you stay in one other hotel in Valgrisenche and the helicopter cannot land nearby, either we organize a minibus transfer for you or the guide drives you to the helipad.

After some descents you can decide to stop and to have lunch, there are various options you can choose from depending on weather and temperature conditions; you can discuss and choose the option you prefer with your guide:

  • In the early season, in cold weather conditions, we normally go back to the hotel after two or three runs, to have a nice lunch before continuing with your heliski day after having relaxed for a little while.
  • You can also choose to take a few snacks and energy drinks with you and then conclude your ski day with a good meal at the hotel.
  • Or, if the sun is shining in the sky, you could also choose to have a nice picnic in the heart of nature.

At the end of your heliskiing day you might want to relax, read or watch a DVD, but, if you still have energy to spare, a walk with special snow shoes or a tour on cross-country skies (the trail is marked already) could enrich your alpine experience.
Otherwise, if you had enough of being in the nature you can drive down to Aosta and visit the historical city center or drive to Pré-Saint-Didier and relax in its beautiful Spa (40 minutes drive far from Valgrisenche).